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App Overiew

NewsBoard app is a complete news solution for SharePoint sites, allowing you to author news articles and display them in categorised lists, or as a carousel on any page within the site. An ideal solution for inserting news into your companies landing pages.


  • Rich article editor
  • Category management
  • Automatic archiving of articles
  • Future publishing of articles
  • Configurable carousel add-in part
  • Adapts to your sites theme
  • Permissions management

NewsBoard does not limit the number of categories that can be created or used. We would recommend not using more than 50 categories, as more than this will require a lot of management and limit the usefulness of categorising news articles for the end user.

NewsBoard does not store any data. All data created using the NewsBoard app – such as categories, news articles and users – is stored on your SharePoint Online Tenant within the app itself

Safari, Chrome, and Firefox:

NewsBoard is designed to work with the current version of the Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers.

Microsoft Edge:

NewsBoard is designed to work with the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge browser updates are available through the Windows Servicing branches. NewsBoard might continue to work with versions of the Edge browser older than the latest branch, but Britecloud can’t provide any guarantees.

Internet Explorer:

NewsBoard is designed to work with Internet Explorer 11. We recommend that you upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, if you are using an earlier version.NewsBoard might continue to work with versions of Internet Explorer other than Internet Explorer 11, but Britecloud can’t provide any guarantees.

If your organization is dependent upon earlier versions of Internet Explorer to access older web apps and services, you should consider upgrading to Internet Explorer 11 and evaluating Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11, which provides backward compatibility for legacy web apps. See the lifecycle support policy for Internet Explorer for more detail.

Licensing and Purchasing

NewsBoard app is a free and fully featured 30 day trial app. You can add the app from Microsoft app store.

You can purchase NewsBoard app from the Microsoft Office Store using this link. The app is licensed on an annual subscription basis with subscriptions renewing automatically.

Technical Troubleshooting

There is no upper limit set by the NewsBoard app, however SharePoint Online has upper limits for file uploads. Contact your SharePoint Administrator for more details.

NOTE: Uploading images greater than 4mb in size can lead to slower performance when rendering the news articles in the news carousel. As with all cloud services, page load times and performance is dictated by the speed of your connection to the service.

As NewsBoard relies on SharePoint Online as the underlying platform, there are certain characters that may cause issues when saving a new or edited news article.

Special characters that SharePoint Online won’t accept in file names as follows:

  • Tilde (~)
  • Number sign (#)
  • Percent (%)
  • Ampersand (&)
  • Asterisk (*)
  • Braces ({ })
  • Backslash (\\)
  • Colon (:)
  • Angle brackets (< >)
  • Question mark (?)
  • Slash (/)
  • Plus sign (+)
  • Pipe (|)
  • Quotation mark (“)